• 10.38mm Construction Glass
  • 10.38mm Construction Glass
  • 10.38mm Construction Glass
  • 10.38mm Construction Glass
  • 10.38mm Construction Glass
  • 10.38mm Construction Glass

10.38mm Construction Glass

Type: Float Glass
Shape: Flat
Appearance: Flat
Structure: Solid
Layer Type: Common Laminated Glass
Function: Photochromic
US$ 2/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order)
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Intermediate Film
Melting Point
High Temperature
Dry Laminated Glass
Lake Blue
Furniture, Door, Building, Window
Max Size
Total Thickness
Sheet Glass
Pbv Thickness
Glass Color
Green/F-Green/Blue/Lake Blue/Grey
Transport Package
Seaworthy Wooden Case
6mm+1.14 PVB+6mm
HS Code
Production Capacity
9000 Squre Meters Per Month

Product Description

JINGCHENG GLASS, 15 Years For Building Glass Production

This is Ms. helen from Shandong jingcheng glass technology co.,ltd.

Laminated glass is made by adding PVB membrane between glass plies and then heating in autoclave. Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass and is hard to break. The glass may be retained in its frame even if being broken.
Security : installed laminated glass may not be easily broken. Therefore, laminated glass provides effective defense against malicious destroy, pilferage and violent invasion.

Prevention against hurricane and earthquake: for the reason that fragments of broken glass still retain in its original position, laminated glass is suitable for regions subject to hurricane and earthquake.

Noise reduction performance: PVB membrane has good sound wave hindering property and thus, laminated glass may effectively reduce transmission of noise.

UV shielding performance: laminated glass can substantially ward off ultraviolet (as much as over 99%), thus it helps to reduce the effect of ultraviolet on costly furniture, curtains, exhibits and other articles.
10.38mm Construction Glass

Normal size

could be produced as per request.

1. Double glazing(insulated glass), triple glazing(three layer insulated glass),
2. Tempered glass(toughened glass), heat strengthened glass
3. Laminated glass, laminated double glazing, toughened laminated glazing
4. Low-E glass, soft coat Low E double glazing, Low E triple glazing
5. Patterned glass, tinted glass etc.

Packing conditions :
packing in wooden crates with paper between each sheet

Glass Type Tempered Glass/Toughed Glass
Color Clear/Ultra-Clear/Green/Grey/Bronze/Blue/Lake blue
Maximum Size 2440 mm x 6500 mm
Minimum Size 200 mm x 300 mm
Thickness  Tempered: 4-19 mm  Half Tempered: 4-12 mm 
Glass Type Curved Tempered Glass
Maximum Size 2440 mm (Arc) x 3660 mm
Minimum Size 600 mm (Arc) x 400 mm
Thickness 5 mm-19 mm
Minimum Bending
1000 mm (Thickness: 5-6mm), 1500 mm (Thickness: 8-12mm)
3000 mm (Thickness: 15-19mm)
Glass Type Insulated Glass/Insulating Glass
Maximum Size 2500*5000 mm
Minimum Size 200*300 mm
Thickness  3-19 mm
Spacer Thickness 6mm, 9mm, 12mm,15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm

Regular Size
5+9A+5     5+9A+5 Low-E     5+9A+5 Coated
5+12A+5    5+12A+5 Low-E    5+12A+5 Coated
5+16A+5    5+16A+5 Low-E    5+16A+5 Coated
5+18A+5    5+18A+5 Low-E    5+18A+5 Coated
5+20A+5    5+20A+5 Low-E    5+20A+5 Coated
5+24A+5    5+24A+5 Low-E    5+24A+5 Coated
6+12A+6    6+12A+6 Low-E    6+12A+6 Coated
6+24A+6    6+24A+6 Low-E    6+24A+6 Coated
5+12A+5+12A+5    5+12A+5+12A+5 Low-E
8+1.14pvb+6+12A+8 Low-E
Glass Type Laminated Glass
Maximum Size 2250*7800 mm
Thickness  3-19 mm
Total Thickness 6.38-50 mm
PVB 0.38-2.28mm (0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm)
  Arch Height < 50mm for curved laminated glass

Regular Size
5mm + 0.38pvb + 5mm,  5mm + 0.76pvb + 5mm, 
5mm + 1.14pvb + 5mm,   6mm + 0.76pvb + 6mm,  
6mm + 1.14pvb + 6mm.  8mm + 0.76pvb + 8mm
8mm + 1.14pvb + 8mm,   8mm + 1.52pvb + 8mm.
10mm + 1.14pvb + 10mm,   10mm + 1.52pvb + 10mm.
6mm + 0.76pvb +8mm+1.14pvb+8mm

12mm + 1.52pvb + 12mm
5+0.76pvb+5+9A+5  5+0.76pvb+5+9A+5  Low-E
5+0.76pvb+5+12A+5 coated glass  
5+0.76pvb+5+12A+5  Low-E
5+1.14pvb+5+9A+5  5+1.14pvb+5+9A+5   Low-E
Glass Type Low-E Glass

Low-E Types
On Line Low-E Glass
Off Line Low-E Glass
Double Silver Low-E Glass
Curved Tempered Low-E Glass
Maximum Size 2440*3660 mm
Minimum Size 300*300 mm
Thickness 4-10 mm

Popular Size
    2134*3300 mm         2440*3300 mm 
2440*3300 mm   2134*3660 mm   2440*3660 mm
Glass Type Online Reflective Coated Glass
Color Silvery Grey/ Grey/ Blue Grey/ Blue/ Lake Blue/Ocean Blue Grayish Green/Bluish Green/ Golden/ Tawny/Champagne, etc.
Maximum Size 2440*3660 mm
Minimum Size 350*600 mm
Thickness 4-10 mm
Packaging  Safe Plywood cases and Inter layer paper between glass
Lead Time On Time Delivery
Whether u request one container or a bulk shipment, we still take great importance to the details in every order, do a great job in each shipment.

10.38mm Construction Glass
Advantages and functions of laminated glass

1, Excellent sound insulation performance

Most of the laminated glass used in the building glass is PVB film. After the laminated processing, the glass is strengthened in thickness. At the same time, the PVB film can also reduce the noise by reducing the sound amplitude. The buildings beside the roads with large traffic flow generally use PVB laminated glass as the door and window material.

2, It can filter ultraviolet rays

Peeling itself has a certain UV filtering function, and when PVB laminated glass is used, its filtering performance can be as high as 99%. In order to strengthen the lighting, floor to ceiling windows are generally used at the connection between the living room and the balcony. If the glass does not have the UV filtering function, it is easy to cause aging of the furniture, and the use of curtains will reduce the lighting.

3, Good energy saving performance

Because the laminated glass made of PVB film can effectively reduce the transmission of sunlight, the darker the color and the lower the transmittance, the stronger the ability of the laminated glass to block heat. Therefore, if there is enough light at home, you may choose laminated glass with medium light transmittance (50% to 70%)

Company Profile
Our company established since 2003. We earn a good branding in China and start exporting to many countries after 2005. Our leading products include tempered glasses, laminated glasses and 

low-e glasses. We have more than 13 years of exporting experience. We concentrate in details of our products. You should give us a chance to serve you, then you will understand why our client will work with us for many years and do not leave us.
Q: What kind of glass can you provide?
A: laminated glass, tempered glass, insulating glass and low-e glass etc.
Q: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: Our MOQ is one 20 feet container (20-27Tons). We can also do LCL orders.
Q: How can I get samples to check your quality?
A: We offer samples for free. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK!
Q: Can you do OEM Orders?
A: Yes, we hire technicians to design your products as per your specific needs.
Q: What is your trade Term?
Q: What is your payment term?
A: T/T, L/C, Credit 30-90days.
Q: What is your delivery time?
A: 15-30 days, depending on the order quantity.

10.38mm Construction Glass


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